How Facebook’s new ‘reconnect’ feature could disrupt a $20 billion business

Facebook is set to launch a new feature that would allow advertisers to “connect” with their users without having to worry about privacy or data sharing.

The feature is called “Reconnect”, and it will be available on the company’s new desktop version as well as mobile devices.

Facebook announced the feature at its Build conference in San Francisco on Wednesday.

“If you’ve ever been to a friend’s house, you’ve seen a friend get a call from them and they’ve left a message,” CEO Mark Zuckerberg said.

“We want to help you connect with your friends.

And so we’re introducing a new kind of app called Reconnect.

It’s the new Facebook app that helps you connect.”

Reconnect will allow you to “communicate with” your friends without sharing their data, including location and social media history.

For example, a friend could say they want to hang out in their friend’s living room, but not their dining room.

Zuckerberg said that if someone leaves a message with your friend’s phone number, that person will receive the same type of data from Facebook that they would receive from any other Facebook user.

In addition, Facebook said the app will let you see who your friends are and will show them who you are most likely to see.

It will also let you choose whether you want to see who has left messages for your friends, and who is currently talking with them.

Reconnect has been available for about a week in the desktop version of Facebook’s mobile app, and is expected to go live in the next few weeks.