‘No one can say I am not a feminist’: Woman on Twitter reacts to feminist tweet about her husband’s death

A Twitter user has posted a picture of herself holding up a picture from her husband, Kevin Hart, in the wake of his death.

The caption reads: “No one is going to say I’m not a woman.

I’m a feminist.


The picture, taken at a restaurant in the US state of New Hampshire, was shared by a woman, Amanda Hart, who said she had shared the picture with her friends.

“This picture is a reminder to everyone how important it is to celebrate and support each other in times of adversity,” she said.

We have had some really tough times together.””

Kevin’s a huge part of my life.

We have had some really tough times together.”

I hope people can learn from Kevin’s passing and use the positive energy that can come from his memory to show love, support and positivity.

“The image has since gone viral.

Many users, including the actor Adam Driver, were quick to express their shock at the tweet.”

There is no one who can say that I am a feminist,” wrote one.”

But my wife has shown me that she is,” tweeted another.”

Not a woman can be defined as a feminist by someone else,” tweeted a third.”

The person who posted this picture needs to stop posting pictures of their own body,” one user added.

The social media post came as Mr Hart, 37, died in a plane crash at New Hampshire’s Cape May Airport on Sunday.

The family said the plane was en route from Canada to New York when it crashed, killing the pilot and co-pilot.

The Hart family has released a statement, saying: “Our deepest sympathy goes out to Kevin’s family, friends and colleagues who were affected by this terrible tragedy.”

Kevin loved his family and his wife, and loved life.”

He was a hardworking, loving and kind man who loved to play with the kids and loved to take care of animals.

“As a husband, father and husband, we are all deeply affected by Kevin’s loss.”

The statement also said the family would be making an emotional tribute to the “life and legacy of Kevin”.