How to get your social media content approved by the ‘VIP’ section

Here’s how you can get your Facebook and Twitter content approved.

The VIP section of Facebook, Twitter and Google+ is a virtual section where members can upload, comment and share content.

Members can also create a profile and share their news and stories.

It is where most content is uploaded and shared.

This section is not open to everyone and some people are excluded from it.

Here are some of the restrictions:Members who post content that is not in accordance with Facebook,Twitter and Google+.

Facebook,Twitter, Google+ are restricted to posts that comply with Facebook’s Terms of Service and Facebook’s Content Standards.

You can’t post content you don’t agree with.

Facebook’s terms of service prohibit sharing or “disparaging comments or actions”.

Twitter’s terms prohibit “further abuse of our service”.

Google+ prohibits sharing or posting of “disruptive or hateful content”, which is prohibited under its terms of use.

It also prohibits “any activity that promotes hate speech, racism, xenophobia, or religious intolerance”.

Facebook’s policy is similar.

“Facebook’s content standards prohibit inciting hatred or violence and promoting hate speech.”

Facebook has guidelines for how to comply with its terms.

Here are some rules you might want to follow:If you’re worried about your content getting approved, you can contact Facebook’s Community Policy Team at [email protected]