Why is Philly missing its social network?

PHILADELPHIA — More than a decade after the city lost its social networking service, Philadelphia has another.

Aldermen voted to add the social networking site Reddit to its digital map.

This week, they’re asking the city’s Office of Technology to help with the redesign, which could create new services for residents.

“The city has a long history of using its technological power to provide social and civic services to its residents,” said Councilmember Dan Donovan, who voted for the plan.

Reddit has more than 15 million users and more than 1.8 million posts.

It is one of several social networks that are expanding, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Snapchat.

The city says it hopes to launch more services in coming months, but Reddit, as it’s known, will only be used for public events, official business, events and the like.

Philadelphia’s social network has a focus on social networking and civic engagement, said Donovan, a Democrat who chairs the City Council’s finance committee.

I think we’re really taking the right path,” Donovan said.

He also said he wants to explore using other tech companies to help coordinate the redesign of the city.

For years, Philadelphia officials have tried to make social media more inclusive, but it has also come at a cost.

More people use the site than they do the citywide phone system, and as a result, there are more complaints about privacy and safety issues, officials said.

Last year, the city also created a new police bureau to help police better handle social media and other social issues.

In February, the City Commission voted to approve a $50,000 grant to the city to redesign its digital mapping services.

As part of that, the agency will work with local companies and others to bring new services to the site.

Donovan said the plan also calls for a new site for the city police.

The agency also will be creating a new Facebook app and a new Twitter app for residents, as well as a mobile app for employees and visitors.