Google has bought social networking site RezaNor for $50m

Google’s stock closed at $60.60 on Wednesday after the social networking giant’s acquisition of RezaNor for $55 million.

RezaNob, founded in 2014 by Reza Nader, is one of the most popular social networking sites in the Middle East, which has been embroiled in violence, political turmoil and corruption.

It offers a platform for individuals to share news, opinions and experiences, and it was one of several popular online platforms in the region to go dark on Tuesday.

Google’s acquisition also comes as its parent company Alphabet Inc. is in the midst of developing artificial intelligence-powered search products for businesses.

Reznor had been a leading provider of social networking services, including Facebook and Twitter, that had seen a decline in user numbers.

Its popularity also stemmed from its robust social media following.

The company was one the first online platforms to host discussions about the Syrian civil war, and was one part of a group of online social networks that eventually formed the popular “Free Syrian Army.”

RezaNor had close ties to the Syrian government and the Assad family.

It was one a number of companies that closed its doors in the wake of the country’s civil war and the countrys crackdown on dissent.

The Syrian government also shut down Twitter and Facebook in the aftermath of the uprising.

Rezbor was part of the popular Free Syrian Army, an organization of Syrian rebels that was formed to fight the Assad government.

It is an offshoot of the Syrian Revolutionary Front, a rebel group.

The RezaNOR acquisition comes after Alphabet’s Alphabet unit also bought messaging app WhatsApp in 2018.

The company acquired the WhatsApp company for $19 billion.