GAB has updated its privacy policy to state that social media networks can no longer access or publish personal information from its users.

It is also introducing an automatic verification process for users who wish to delete personal information. 

The change is being implemented in response to increasing pressure from authorities over online safety. 

GAB will be offering a range of tools and features for users to improve their privacy. 

“We are pleased to be introducing these new privacy policies to ensure we are in the best position to protect the privacy and security of our users,” Gab’s chief executive, Dennis Gabor, said in a statement. 

As part of the new measures, GAB will also introduce new features for its website,, which will allow users to log in and log out of the platform. 

 “The Gaby Dashboard’ is a new feature that enables users to view their activity and to access information that GAB can use to monitor their usage and improve their experience,” Gabor said. 

With the new privacy policy, Gab said it will take more time to update the site and its other features. 

In the meantime, the company is also offering an option to “opt-out” of a certain feature, which Gabor described as a “new level of control” over users’ information.

 Gabor’s privacy policy states that the site will not be able to collect, use, sell, distribute, or disclose personal information without GAB’s express consent. 

For more information on GAB and its services, visit and follow the company on Twitter at @gabprivacy.