Facebook and Twitter hit $2 billion milestone with ad-blocking software

The social networking giant announced Thursday that it has reached a milestone with its ad-blocker software, which now has more than $2.5 billion in revenue and has been downloaded by more than 3 billion users worldwide.

Facebook said that its ad network has reached more than 1 billion users, and that it’s also downloaded 1.8 billion apps for the platform.

The company said that the number of users downloading ad-free versions of Facebook ads increased by 35% from April through August.

Facebook is also rolling out ad-friendly versions of its Instagram, News Feed, and Pages apps, and the company is rolling out an update to its Facebook Messenger app that makes it easier to use its Messenger mobile app for iOS and Android.

The announcement comes just two weeks after the social network made its first foray into advertising.

In March, Facebook launched an ad-supported version of its Messenger app for iPhones and Android, and said that it would continue to develop the social networking platform into a mobile ad network.

Ad-supported versions of Messenger were introduced last year on Android devices, but the company has struggled to gain traction on the platform due to low ad revenue.

Facebook’s ad-driven ad network for Messenger is designed to work with its Messenger and Pages platforms, allowing users to make ad-targeted announcements in their News Feeds, for example.

The ad network will be rolled out across all platforms for at least two years.

Facebook has also added a new ad-based social network called Messenger for iOS, Android, Chrome, and Windows 10, which allows users to share messages and photos in an ad hoc fashion, or with a click of the home button.

Facebook also said that Facebook Messenger ads will be integrated into Pages, the social media platform it bought for $1 billion last year.