When your Twitter account gets hacked, you can now tell your friends how to protect yourself

Over the past few weeks, Twitter has been working to fix the issues that caused users to be shut down and redirected to their account pages.

Now, users are able to tweet a warning to their friends or to tweet “My account has been hacked!” to send a message to friends, or they can send a direct message to a Twitter employee and say, “You’ve been hacked, too.

We’re shutting down your account.”

The company has also released a new app for Android phones that lets users tweet their account details to friends.

Twitter said it received reports of a handful of cases where accounts were shut down due to account information being leaked, which has since been fixed.

However, the company acknowledged it had not received any reports of people being hacked in this manner.

The company also released an app called “Find Your Friends” for iOS that will allow users to search their Twitter history for any accounts they may have interacted with in the past two months.

It will show them which accounts they interacted with, whether they were hacked, and how many times they interacted.

Twitter has also announced a new “Trust Your Friends List” feature that will let users send notifications to their Twitter friends if they believe an account is compromised.