Why social golf sites are a gold mine for marketers

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are among the most popular social media platforms for golfers.

Now, the golfing world has a new tool that will help you find the right social golfing site.

Parler is a social golf tool that uses advanced artificial intelligence technology to determine your golf swing and other golfing related factors.

Parler can identify your swing path, which will help determine the length of your shot, the distance of the ball, your stroke rate, your wind speed and more.

Parterly also uses machine learning to predict your swing, distance, and even how long you’ll have to hold on to your tee shot to ensure you’re hitting the ball with power.

With its deep learning and AI algorithms, Parler allows golfers to customize their golf swing based on their personal play style and preferences.

You can even use Parler to help optimize your game.

This is the kind of tool that’s worth paying attention to.

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