How to stop sharing your newsfeeds

Facebook’s newsfeed is a nightmare for journalists, especially when it comes to sharing news, and a new app called Instapaper is trying to solve that problem.

The app allows users to see the social media feeds of people who follow them, and it lets them share that content across their devices.

The company is also building out a newsfeed that will be built by the community to serve up the best of what’s going on in the news space.

The news app, Instapapers, has a bunch of features that the platform already offers, like breaking news alerts, and the ability to quickly search through content.

It also offers a bunch more, including the ability for users to mark their newsfeed as private or public, as well as sharing links to more news sources, news sources that are available for reading, and news feeds of other users.

Instapers has been built on top of the Feedly app, which has been in the App Store for years.

That app has a reputation for getting users to share content on their own, and Instapasts is aiming to get that back to more people, as it is the only app that does so.

“We’ve built the app so that when people share news, they can see their news feeds,” said Alex Cattan, product manager for Instapakers.

“The news feed is an experience that is very user-friendly and very personalized, and when people have shared their news, we’re able to mark it as private and public.”

It’s unclear how many people have used Instapapes newsfeed, but Facebook has said it has had more than a million users in its native app.

But for now, Instapoers newsfeed has been only available in the U.S. and Canada, and is not available in Australia or New Zealand.

It’s also unclear how long the news app will be available, but Cattans hopes that it will be a feature of the platform for years to come.

“As we build more and more news, people are going to want to share it,” he said.

Instapoasts is a big deal because it will help the platform get back to its core audience, the newsfeed users who love sharing news.

That is the kind of audience that Facebook is trying so hard to reach, and there’s a lot of money to be made by getting that kind of data.

Instapeers is available for iOS and Android devices, and Facebook is also planning to roll it out to the web soon.

Facebook is hoping to roll out the news feed on its mobile apps by the end of the year, so it can have an app that people can use to get news, rather than just to check the news.