Hillary Clinton: Trump is not a friend to minorities

Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of state, said Tuesday she does not believe the Republican presidential nominee is a friend of minorities.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow that was published on Tuesday, Clinton, who ran against President Donald Trump for the Democratic nomination in 2020, said she would be happy to meet with him if he wanted to come to Florida and meet with his supporters, according to a transcript.

She did not specifically name Trump.

But she said Trump’s attacks on former Secretary of State John Kerry, who endorsed Clinton, and other candidates are unfair and dangerous, and said Trump would do a better job of helping minorities, including Latinos.

“He is a racist and I don’t think he’s a friend, but I do think he does not have a good relationship with minorities,” Clinton said.

The former secretary’s comments come amid a broader backlash against Trump after the release of his 2005 recording, in which he said that he could grab women by the pussy because he was a star athlete.

Clinton said she doesn’t think it’s fair that Trump was singled out in that way.

Clinton also said she believes the media should take a more active role in informing the public about the candidates’ policies.

But she said she’s confident in the fact that a candidate’s policies are supported by the public.

“I think that’s a pretty clear signal to the public that the candidate is trustworthy and that the person who runs is trustworthy,” she said.

Maddow noted that she was a strong supporter of President Barack Obama when he was first elected, but Clinton said Obama’s legacy will be limited if Trump is elected.