Twitter will start removing the ability to tweet in Spanish, but will allow users to tweet English-language content

The social networking site will start enabling users to choose their own language on its Twitter account.

Users can now choose from the following options: Spanish or English, but only the latter can be used to tweet: pictures, videos, posts, news, and more.

The social media giant will also offer users the option to translate their tweets into other languages, though this option will be limited.

Twitter users can opt to allow English language tweets on their profile pages.

Users will also be able to make their own English-style Twitter profile and set it as the default profile picture on their Twitter account, the company said.

The company will also soon start rolling out support for adding Spanish-language tweets to its existing Spanish-only tweet service, which has over 300 million followers.

The move will be the latest move to make the social network more welcoming to its users in Spanish-speaking countries.

Spanish language support on Twitter has been one of Twitter’s most important features for the Spanish-speakers, as it helps users communicate more quickly and effectively, with Spanish being the second most spoken language in Spain, behind English.

In the US, Spanish-based Twitter users are already able to use the company’s free English-to-Spanish translation service.

The Spanish- and English-only service is only available to Spanish-American users.