Facebook launches new ‘featured’ posts for mobile users

Facebook is rolling out a new feature for its mobile users that lets them customize a post’s title, description, and other content, as well as its location.

Users can select a photo to be included in the post, and the post will appear with a banner above the post’s headline and title.

The company has been making the move in recent months as it adds new features to its social network for users who are on iOS and Android devices, but the feature is a major one.

Facebook’s mobile app now has a bunch of additional features, and it will include the new features in the next few months, said Alex Kipman, the head of product at Facebook’s global mobile team.

The new features will be coming to the mobile app in the coming months, and users will have the option to customize the posts’ titles and content, Kipmann said in an interview.

Facebook has been experimenting with the feature for months, but it took a little longer than the company had anticipated, he said.

Users will now have the ability to customize posts by selecting a photo from the Facebook photo app, and they will be able to change their own title, text, and location.

“This is really going to help users really focus on what they’re interested in and their interests,” Kipmans said.

The app now lets users select up to 10 photos, and if the user doesn’t like any of the photos they select, they can click on the banner to delete them from the posts.

“We want to give users that choice and give them the ability not only to choose their own favorites, but to be able delete them,” he said, adding that he expected the feature to be available for iOS and android users as soon as the next two months.

Facebook will make the changes available to everyone, so users will not have to pay a subscription to access the feature, which will be available on both iOS and the new mobile version of the app.

Kipsons goal with the update is to “make sure that when we get the new version on mobile, people can get it on their devices as soon after as possible,” he added.

Facebook is a big player in the mobile space.

It recently added a new Facebook app, but Kipioms team focused on mobile.

“When we started on mobile it was really focused on the desktop and the desktop app was not working,” he explained.

The goal is to make the new social network app more mobile-friendly.

“The mobile version is really focused in mobile because that’s the platform that’s growing the most,” he noted.

Kipsons team is currently working on adding more content to the site for mobile.

The changes will be rolled out to Facebook users who have a Facebook account that has at least a 1 billion monthly active users.

The service has a built-in ad-blocker, but that’s a limitation that users will eventually be able use.

The mobile app will be made available for everyone soon.

“For Facebook on iOS, you’ll be able take it to the device and you’ll have that feature right there,” Kipson said.

Facebook launched the feature in September, and now users can try it out right away.

“What we’re really excited about is the user experience,” Kippons team said in a statement.

“It’s a really important piece of the puzzle.

The experience that you get with the new feature will really enhance the way you see and interact with our platform.

We really appreciate the support that users have shown us for years, and we really look forward to sharing this new feature with them.”