When The Internet Is All You Need To Be A Celebrity Now

Shared on March 25, 2018 by Arian Foster, a viral video of a man’s attempt to sell a smartphone app on a website for more than $100,000 has gone viral.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the app called Tidal has more than 2.5 million downloads and more than 1 million views on YouTube.

The man who purchased it, named Ben, told The Daily Beast that he had just finished buying his new smartphone in a Walmart in New York City and had just been told he had to pay the $100 purchase price.

The transaction was completed in less than five minutes, and was made on March 18, 2018, just days before he was set to attend a business meeting.

Ben said that after he got his phone, he took the phone to a customer service representative and asked for a refund.

He said that he was told that it was due to “technical issues,” and that he should have waited for his credit card to be charged before making the purchase.

He also said that the person who bought the phone was actually his mother-in-law, who he said was very excited to see the Tidal product on the store floor.

The company that Ben purchased the phone from, called Tide, has not responded to The Daily Beat’s requests for comment.

Tidal is a popular mobile music streaming service that allows users to upload their music to a variety of services, including Apple Music and Spotify.

Users can use the service to stream a variety a songs on one or multiple devices, including the iPhone and Android devices, the desktop and laptop computers, and the Roku streaming box.

Tidal offers music from hundreds of artists and groups.

Ben, who is a DJ and music producer, has released five albums and produced a number of singles on the service, including a song called “Wake Up.”

Tidal offers unlimited streaming of its music across devices for a limited time, which typically runs from March 18 to April 14.

The service charges users $9.99 per month for a 30-day trial.

Ben has been featured on The Today Show, on the BBC, and on a variety other media outlets.

He is also featured on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

He has received several awards, including for his viral video “Hate” that went viral last year.

Ben says that he did not receive a response to his request for a credit card refund.

Tide did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Tuesday.

Arian Foster is a viral music video sensation.

In 2017, the Florida Gators quarterback made headlines after being seen smoking a cigarette while standing on a sidewalk in Miami.