Twitter: ‘We’re not gonna go back to being just a platform’

Twitter has confirmed that it plans to launch a new “social network” in 2018 that it hopes will boost engagement and brand awareness.

The company’s new social network will focus on brands and influencers in a way that allows them to promote their brands in a meaningful way.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey told the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday that the social network would be “a platform for brands and brands to create and deliver value to their audience.”

The company has been working on a new social platform for quite some time, and it is expected to launch in the fourth quarter of 2018.

Twitter has been trying to improve its service since 2015, and Dorsey said at the time that he wanted the company to focus on “creating more of a platform for creators to engage with their audience and reach them more broadly.”

This social platform will allow companies to do that.

It will allow them to do their social strategy on the platform, and then we’ll let brands do that on their platform as well.

Twitter announced the launch of the social platform in 2016, but the platform has struggled to take off.

Dorsey had said at that time that the platform would be available in “a few months,” and Twitter has since delayed that launch.

Twitter has been criticized by some for its lack of transparency and the fact that it lacks a platform-level tool for influencers and brands.

The social network has struggled with its platform since it launched in 2015, but Dorsey has said that the company plans to “continue to invest in building a platform that will empower brands and their content creators.”

Dorsey did not elaborate on how the new social media platform will work, but he did tell the Journal that it will be similar to Facebook’s Instant Articles, which are used by publishers to generate traffic and engage with the public.

The social network announced the new platform on its Twitter feed on Wednesday, and the company said that it has a “significant amount of work” ahead of it.

Twitter is currently in the midst of building a new platform that it says will help it become “a more relevant, engaging platform for our audiences.”