Twitter and Facebook’s new ‘Facebook Gestore’ social networking app is free to use

Business Insider’s Sam Parnas explains why Facebook has decided to launch its new ‘Gestore Social Networking’ app for its users.

1 / 7 The social network has decided it’s time to go mobile and has made a big bet on the mobile revolution.

Twitter, which is building its own mobile app for the web, is looking to be more like Facebook, and has decided its time to move on from its desktop platform.

Twitter says its new app, which launches in the UK today, is free.

But you’ll need a paid plan to get the social network to use it.

Twitter has a few perks for its customers, such as the ability to “see what’s happening” from any Twitter account and “see tweets in real time.”

And users will be able to share their tweets with friends, family, and colleagues on the social media network.

The new app is one of many that Facebook is adding to its existing apps, including Timeline, Contacts, and Instagram.

Here’s how it works: The new ‘gestore social’ app allows you to follow and interact with friends on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, or any of the other apps on Facebook.

It also lets you create, manage, and share groups, events, and more.

But that’s not all: The app lets you get news from the web and even see what’s trending in your social circle.

The social app lets users share photos with friends and family, create and manage groups, and follow other users.

You can also see what your friends are doing and find out what they’re doing.

You also get to see what other users are posting, who they’re following, and how many followers they have.

If you’re not a Facebook user, you’ll still have to buy a paid subscription for Instagram.

Facebook is making a big push into mobile, and says its app has “the best user experience on the web.”

You’ll have to pay for the mobile app if you want to get updates from your friends, like news, videos, and photos.

Facebook has a lot of work ahead of it, including a massive overhaul of its Messenger app, but that’s the kind of project that makes the company look more like Google than Facebook.

In the meantime, you can sign up for the new app here.

Facebook’s social network is also making an effort to make its mobile app better than Google’s.

In a blog post, the company said it is “building out our mobile app to support the mobile ecosystem and improve the user experience.”

It says it will also offer more “customized experiences for users” to make the app more personal.

Facebook said its “mobile apps are optimized for mobile, so we’re taking a step back from the desktop apps.”

For now, the app is available only in the US.