How to check the status of your social network and social network ratings

Twitter is trying to improve its user experience by offering users the ability to share their social network status, according to a tweet posted by CEO Dick Costolo on Tuesday.

Costolo said in a tweet that he had asked his team to develop an interface to track status and ratings, and he suggested that users can use a new Twitter app called Astronomy to do so.

The Astronomically designed app can track users’ social networks status, ratings and followers, and it will include some new features that will make it easier to share your status and rating on Twitter.

Costolo’s tweet, which has since been deleted, also suggested that the app would allow users to check out a feed of popular astrophysical topics.

The app has already attracted more than 30 million downloads, according the Astronomeric website.

“Astronomy is designed to help you discover the latest discoveries, but its not just about finding new stars.

Astronomers love sharing their discoveries on Twitter, too,” the website reads.

Astronomers use Twitter to share astronomy-related news and observations, and they often use the service to check in on the status and status updates of other people, too.

Twitter also announced a new version of its desktop app that allows users to follow and interact with the astrophysicists, the company said in its announcement.

Astrophysicist Jeff Bechtolz, who was previously a senior vice president at Twitter, is a former CEO of Google.

Twitter did not immediately respond to a request for comment on whether he would be joining the Astrosical team.

Twitter has struggled to make its social network look more attractive and user-friendly over the past several years, with some users seeing it as an eyesore, especially for people who use it regularly.

In the past, Twitter has offered users more flexibility in how to manage their social networks, and the company has offered an option for users to set a default social network profile picture, but the company also recently added the ability for users and their friends to create a “favorite” profile picture.