How to take control of a social media marketing campaign with Gab, a social network that lets users post photos, comments, and videos from their phones without the need for an app or website

Recode is reporting that Gab has a new product called “Gab For Business.”

It’s basically a Facebook app that lets anyone create an account and start sharing photos, videos, and other content.

This isn’t a full app yet, but you can use the Facebook app to create an email list or post videos to YouTube.

Gab’s developers said the new product is intended to give people a way to monetize their social media content without having to spend time creating it.

If you’ve used Gab in the past, you’ve probably seen how easy it is to share content on Facebook without having any app or service to manage it.

Facebook, for example, lets you post a video of your dog on your timeline, or share an image of a dog on Facebook with just a click of a button.

Gab for Business, on the other hand, is a fully-featured Facebook app for everyone, from small businesses to major brands to large corporations, including Google.

In addition to its ability to monetise content, Gab also has a “buy now” feature where users can buy ads or make money on ads.

Gab For Business is only available on the Android Market, and it requires an Android phone to work.

However, the developers say they plan to add more features in the future.

They are working on mobile and desktop versions, and will be releasing more apps and content in the coming months.

This article originally appeared on Recode.